Assessment Done Online

Given the current situation with Covid-19, a lot of instructors are experiencing the new reality of transitioning their courses to online.

A hot topic these days is ‘assessment’. What are effective ways to assess students online? How do we prevent students from cheating and actually using the assessment as a learning tool rather than getting ‘100%’?

It would be great to hear everyone’s experiences from what was implemented, to what worked and what did not, to student attitudes and beliefs to any new assessment, to new policies and guidelines set by your university. Even sharing with the FYMSiC community any resources or platforms for testing will be greatly appreciated.

When you post a new comment, please indicate your full name and institution, and if applicable, the type of course your comment is about and the number of students enrolled in it.

Let’s help each other out and learn from one another.

This discussion will be valuable to those who will be teaching in the summer 2020 term.

A big thanks to Sean Fitzpatrick (University of Lethbridge) for being the catalyst to start this discussion in the FYMSiC Community!