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  1. Hi Veselin,
    This looks like a well thought-out application of concepts. Must have taken a lot of work and time. It was a pleasure going through it 🙂

    I have one suggestion and a couple of questions.

    I would put your current 3. right at the start. The reason for that is that in general I think we should always first sort out what our variables are (input and output) and second, it would make it easier for students to get their mind into the framework of tasks in 1.

    A question refers to Task 4.6. I noticed you ask about the inflection point, and then you follow that up with the reference to change in concavity. Are you trying to assess whether they know what an inflection point means, what the connection between the term inflection point and change in concavity is or you don’t particularly care to assess either? If the first, then reference to change in concavity is a leading question.

    Also, in Task 4.1, I see that you are asking them to find the exponential model F(t). Did you guys discuss in the course which tools they have at their disposal and which ones they can use? Do you want them to use a particular software or you could care less which one they use? (Or are they not expected to use a software at all?)

    The only other note I would make is to make it clear right of the start that their answers should be brief, in no more than one to three (or however many) sentences, so that you can ensure they don’t feel the pressure to write essays for each question and then run out of time.

  2. Thanks, Ana.

    Awkwardly enough, all this negative experience with COVID-19 that we all share gives us a unique opportunity to demonstrate to our students that their knowledge of calculus actually matters. My goal with this question is really to check if my students have learned and accepted this particular segment of the calculus vocabulary that we introduce in Differential Calculus. If I ask for “an inflection point” and they don’t have a function to differentiate twice, would my students actually know what to do? Does the phrase “concave upward” mean anything to them? And things like that…

    Yes, we have covered the basic exponential growth models in the class and that is all that I expect them to do. And, yes, I will allow my students to use their calculators to help them answer some of the questions.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll make sure to advise students to provide brief answers. Thanks, again… and good night from British Columbia…

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