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My name is Richard Hoshino and I teach at Quest University in Squamish, BC.

Our university is quite unique in that every student must take a first-year Mathematics course and that this Mathematics course is not Calculus I. Instead, we offer numerous β€œFoundation” math courses, including Spherical Trigonometry and Mathematical Problem-Solving, whose purpose is to introduce students to the ways in which a mathematician asks and answers questions about the

Instead of providing an overview of current knowledge in mathematics, the goal of our first-year math course is to introduce the approaches used by the discipline, and to expose students to significant mathematical ideas and moments – which they create and discover, based on their
questions, on the issues that matter to them. For more on our First-Year Math approach, please check out

I use an inquiry-driven approach to teach Mathematical Problem-Solving, my Foundation math course for first-year students. In the link below I’ve provided my course syllabus as well as all of the assessments I use.

You are welcome to use any of these materials in your own teaching. If you’d like model solutions to any of the problems, please e-mail me atΒ

I would much rather receive e-mails than view replies to this post, as I check my e-mail every day but will check this forum only on a sporadic basis. Thanks so much for your understanding!