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Hi everyone,

Going to get the ball rolling and start some sharing! A lot of what I have is publicly available. You can find this content on:

If you’re looking for some calculus content, check out the UBC pages on Math 103 (Integral calculus) or Math 101. The syllabus for Math 103 might be most useful (It has a Github repository… arguably this wasn’t the best way to post it; it has learning goals and sample problems galore). For Math 210 (Mathematical Computing) you’re probably better to ask Patrick Walls who’s done a fantastic job with the revamping of that course. (For the record I’m thrilled that he’s still using Python in the course!)

If you’re looking for a huge open bank of problems with hints and solutions, check out this wiki:

It’s a completely free resource that is currently being farmed by graduate students who are maintaining everything and was initiated when I was a graduate student. There are 3500+ total problems thus far! Plus it’s a wiki with a really normal naming scheme so someone with a bit of Python background could surely extract the text to get LaTeX code if one wanted. (I know someone who has done this!)

For proofs (we run a Introduction Proofs class with a number theory spin), check out Math 135. You could easily make a flipped class based on everything on here:

We’ve also revamped the textbook and I’ll be updating the version that’s on the site within the next week. It’s been an incredible project with several tenured professors and lecturers working together to help this book project.

Some other videos and content on there:

CS116 – Some videos on Python with some resources

CS136 – C programming course for first year students

CS137 – C programming course for 1A Software Engineering students (I have clicker questions here not posted). Here I have a lot of content (notes, etc.)

CS245 – CS Logic course (I’ll be updating this this term)

CO480 – History of mathematics. I taught this as a history of number theory class. I was disappointed by textbooks so I tried to summarize many of the resources I found in those notes.

I should mention none of the above contain any assessments. As much as I love open education I do believe in monetizing accreditation. However, I’m really happy to share any assessments I can share (For example, for CS137, I have 50 or so clicker questions for a C programming course that I’m happy to send via email). It would be great if some day we could upload these documents here for interested people (maybe we can already?)

Also, I haven’t posted these on Youtube and I’m not fond of doing so. I don’t want advertisements on here (I want this content to be as free as possible, costing only my time and server space). In the word of Gary Au: “Steal it forward!” (Just keep it free!)

Emails welcomed! Any suggestions comments or similar resources would be awesome to share!

Also, on behalf of Barbara and Brian Forrest,

Math 137 Calculus 1 course notes/lectures are available at

Math 138 Calculus 2 course notes/lectures are available at

UWaterloo also has:

– linear algebra lectures at

– high school related content at


Thanks all! It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I’m so excited to finally have a great place like this to share ideas and to communicate with one of the best communities in mathematics!