Archive of past events

♦ To continue a recurring dialogue and strengthen the FYMSiC community, we are going forward with an Online Teaching Meet Up this Summer 2020.

We hope that these meet ups will help our FYMSiC community better prepare for online teaching in math and stats courses within the 2020-2021 academic year and beyond, as well will provide support and networking opportunities. We are a fam peeps! 🙂 We will host the meet up sessions at 2pm EDT on Mondays. Each session will be approximately 1-1.5 hours with the following flexible structure: a short presentation, guided discussion in breakout rooms, and a general discussion. Each session will have a specific theme related to online teaching. We will send out a communication a week before each session so that you can prepare yourself to chat, share, and listen. The dates are:

June 15: Student Engagement in Asynchronous Course Components. Short presentation by Brian & Barb Forrest, followed by breakout rooms and general discussion. Documents: Barb and Brian Forrest slides 15 June 2020 | Padlets live link | Padlets (pdf file) as of 3pm on 15 June 2020.

June 22 (11am-12:30pm PDT; 2pm-3:30pm EDT; 8-9:30pm Central European Summer Time 🙂 ) Teaching Matters: Contract cheating – what is it, and what can we do about it? Please submit your questions in advance at this link.

June 29: Lessons Learnt. Short presentation by Andie Burazin, followed by breakout rooms and general discussion. Documents: Andie Burazin slides 29 June 2020 | Jamboard idea-sharing tool | Planning  Calculus I week by week (Mateen Skaikh)

July 13-16: Online CMS meeting.

July 27th: Transitioning to university: high school teachers’ experiences and views. Starts at 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 8pm Central Europe. Denise Grightmire’s slides.

August 10th: Technology show and tell. Starts at 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 8pm Central Europe. Five presentations, Q&A, and discussion. Documents/ handouts: Peter Taylor: Rabbitmath; collision model slides; collision model notes | Ana Duff: presentation; modelling CPI investigation and sample student work; modelling mobile subscriptions and sample student work mobile | Asia Matthews: Perusall Hypothesis | Xinli Wang: H5P; H5P links | Extra, have a look: MathMatize platform to review linear algebra and pre-calculus |

August 24th: Icebreakers – what to do on the first day of classes. Link to all icebreakers | Alfonso’s ice breaking puzzle (prepared in collaboration with Nicholas Remedios, based on an idea by Chris Tuffley) | Carmen’s icebreaker: Important! Only click on one link! No cheating!

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♦ Online FYMSiC Conference: Teaching First-year Math and Stats Courses in Interesting Times (to say the least). Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, starting at 12 p.m. EDT (9 a.m. PDT).

From the organizers:

As part of our conference preparation, we have created a short and anonymous survey about some of the issues and dilemmas that we, the community of Canadian math and stats instructors, face during these interesting times. Our hope is that the outcomes of the survey will help us all to better  understand where we are, as a community, at this point, and to help us  guide our discussion on May 23rd. We will also present the outcomes of the survey in the upcoming issue of FYMSiC Newsletter. Regardless of your plans to attend the conference or not, please take a moment and share with us your experiences and thoughts about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your teaching.

This online conference will be hosted on Zoom with a link provided to registered attendees a day before the online conference. For questions, or inquiries, please email Andrijana Burazin (

Conference Materials: FYMSiC Remote Classroom Survey Results: Course Delivery | Assessment | Meta

Breakout Rooms Topics and Deliverables

Conference Schedule:
12PM – 1:30PM Course Delivery
1:30PM – 1:45PM Break
1:45PM – 3:15PM Assessment
3:15PM – 3:30PM Break
3:30PM – 5PM “My Online Experiences” 5-minute Talks
5PM – LATE Discussion and Social Stimulated by Real Drinks Shared Virtually

To register for the conference (free, of course) and to sign-up for a 5-minute talk (if you wish), click here.

Conference Notes: Course Delivery | Assessments | Five Minute Talks25 (Notes and Slides)

♦ Canadian Mathematics Society Winter Meeting, 6-9 December 2019, Toronto (Chelsea Hotel).

Meeting information.

♦ Open Education Resources and Technologies in Mathematics, BIRS (Banff, Alberta), 26-28 July 2019.

Information about the workshop is on this page.

♦ Canadian Mathematics Society Summer Meeting. 7-10 June 2019, Regina, Sask.

Conference web page. Notes on Indigenization and Reconciliation in Mathematics and Assessment in Mathematics sessions and a summary Highlights from the Education Sessions at the Summer 2019 Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society, both prepared by Darja Barr.

♦ First-Year University Mathematics in Canada: Time to Rethink our Curriculum? 3-5 May 2019, University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Conference web page. Plenaries: Keith Mertens, Yvan Saint-Aubin, Linda Braddy, Scott Rodney. Working group reports: What should we teach (Saturday), Active learning (Sunday)

♦ First-Year University Mathematics in Canada: Repository and Service Courses. 8-10 February 2019, BIRS, Banff.

The workshop (workshop web page) activities have been summarized in this Report. Workshop notes by Darja Barr (notes) and Amanda Malloch (notes part 1, part 2, part 3).

♦ Canadian Mathematics Society Winter Meeting. 7-10 December 2018, Vancouver, B.C.

Conference web page.

♦ First-Year University Mathematics in Canada: Facts, Community and Vision, 27-29 April 2018, Fields Institute, Toronto.

The conference (conference web page) activities are summarized in the two documents, named Snapshot Document (Saturday, 28 April) and Future Directions (Sunday, 29 April).