Maple Transactions: Call for Contributions

Dear members of the FYMSiC community,

We would like to invite you to contribute to a new open-access (no page charges either) journal, Maple Transactions, which aims to publish on topics of interest to the Maple community.  Use of Maple is not a prerequisite for publication in Maple Transactions.  This journal is made possible through the sponsorship of Maplesoft and of Scholarship Western, and is online only, using Open Journal Systems.  The particular focus of Maple Transactions is on computer-assisted research in mathematics, applications, and education: a broad focus, to be sure, but we want to make it clear that education is very much a priority for us.  We would welcome submissions describing computational and technological expositions that you found useful, for instance; or philosophical reflections on the impact of all this ever-changing technology on the curriculum, on your students, or on yourselves.  Other descriptions of adventures that you think would be of interest to the Maple community are also welcome; they don’t have to be technological in nature per se.

Traditional article formats are acceptable, as are videos, and some “live” mathematical formats such as Maple documents.

If you wish your contribution to be refereed, we have a double-blind (anonymous authors/anonymous referees) process; if you don’t need your paper to be refereed then we can publish it that way, if it meets editorial standards for exposition.

We will have a Student Corner to highlight interesting student projects as well, and you are encouraged to let your students know of this opportunity.  We hope to provide extra feedback to the student authors of such submissions.

We look forward to your contributions.

Instructions for submissions can be found (…we hope soon, our web site is having teething problems) at  In the meantime you can find it here.

Best regards and wishes,
The editorial team of Maple Transactions